7 Must-Listen Podcasts to Hone Your Management and Leadership Skills

Managers and leadership must constantly improve their skills. When you already have a full plate of tasks, however, finding the time can be difficult.

One simple solution: Podcasts, which are audio shows you can download or listen to online anytime, from any device. Working a short podcast into your morning commute or lunch break can help inspire you and provide useful insight into leadership and management.

Here are seven can’t-miss podcasts for honing your management and leadership skills:

1. The #AskGaryVee Show

Have questions about social media, business management, entrepreneurship, self-starting or the future of business? Gary Vaynerchuck’s long-running podcast is an entertaining and insightful must-listen.

2. What Great Bosses Know

Loyola University professor and leadership expert Jill Geisler hosts “What Great Bosses Know,” a podcast offering practical tips for managers who want better ways to lead their teams. Whether you’re already in management or seeking a leadership role, Geisler’s advice works.

3. Engaging Leader

Want to lead, but find communication getting in your way? Have a team that needs to talk but can’t stand meetings? Engaging Leader might be the answer. Hosted by author and HR consultant Jesse Lahey, the podcast focuses on using storytelling and humor to pass on important business lessons, making it a refreshing “brain break” as well as a source of valuable insight.

4. Dose of Leadership

Former U.S. Marine Richard Rierson provides an episode of inspiration each week with this podcast. Topics include leadership development and ethics, while guests come from a wide range of backgrounds and industries: entrepreneurs, authors, military leaders and faith leaders.

5. Off the Charts Business

Want the next tip for moving your business forward? Look no further than the podcast of digital strategist and entrepreneur Nathalia Lussier, who focuses on the practical steps outstanding business leaders have taken to get where they are today. Interviews with some of the world’s top entrepreneurs dig in to these strategies and make them actionable for listeners.

6. Read to Lead

Love the power of books, but can’t find time to read everything you’d like to? Jeff Brown’s “Read to Lead” podcast digs in to a new business book with each episode, giving you the key points of its contents in less time. Use the podcast to get familiar with the books you don’t have time to read, so you can focus on those you do.

7. This Is Your Life

The best leaders know they can’t pour from an empty cup. To give the best to your team, you must live a fulfilling life.

This principle is at the heart of publishing executive Michael Hyatt’s “This Is Your Life,” a podcast that focuses on living intentionally and finding the balance between tasks that take your energy and tasks that restore it.

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