After a lean 2016 and 2017, the energy sector has started actively seeking new talent once again. If you’re an engineer interested in working in the energy industry, 2018 is a good year to fine-tune your resume and start applying for job opportunities that spark your passions.

Landing your dream job, however, takes work. Among other things, you’ll need to prepare for and present answers that highlight your strengths. Here’s how to craft stronger interview answers.

Get personal.

Since many interviews contain similar questions, it’s tempting to create and practice stock answers. Set yourself apart from other candidates by resisting this urge.

Instead, prepare for each interview as if you’re having a personal one-on-one conversation with a unique employer. Research the company, study the job description and learn about the organization’s values and internal culture. Then, build interview answers that speak to this company’s specific attributes.

Focus on your accomplishments.

Anyone can promise an interviewer they can or will do the tasks listed on a job description. Candidates who discuss how they have already succeeded at similar tasks, however, are the ones interviewers remember.

Jot down three to five of the biggest accomplishments in your education or career to date. Then, use the job description to match up the skills and tasks this employer wants with those accomplishments. Create short discussions that use terms in the job description to talk about what problems you faced, what you did and what the results were.

Know what you want to ask.

As you research the job and the company, and think about your accomplishments in the context of this job, certain questions may come to mind. Will you have access to mentors on the job? Will you get the chance to participate in experimental projects, or to lead a team? How does this company support your continued growth as an engineer?

Write these questions down, and ask them during the interview. As the product of your own thought process during preparation, they’ll fit more naturally into the interview itself than any generic questions you might think up for the purpose.

At FootBridge Energy Services, our recruiters can help you connect with some of the best oil and gas companies in the industry – and create interview answers that will help your skills stand out. Contact us today to learn more about our oil and gas job opportunities.

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