5 Critical Questions to Ask a Potential Recruiting Partner

Working with a recruiter can improve your candidate pool, shorten time to hire and provide access to specialized contract and long-term talent when you need it. To reap the greatest benefits from your recruiting partnership, however, it’s important to make an informed choice regarding the recruiter who is right for you.

Before you hire a new staffing partner, ask these five questions:

What industries do you serve?

Some recruiting firms boast of a broad reach and the ability to serve many industries. However, many of these firms are forced to trade depth for breadth. The best staffing firm for you will likely be an organization that focuses solely on staffing within your industry.

What types of candidates do you place/what types of positions do you fill?

Look for a recruiting partner who can provide specific examples, as well as more general lists. Also, look for a recruiter who places the types of candidates you’re looking for in the types of positions you typically need to fill. Asking about both direct hires and temporary or contract workers can help you get a more rounded picture of your potential recruiting partner’s capabilities, as well.

How do you help clients improve staffing long term?

The best recruiters think more broadly than the individual candidate or position. They also work with their clients to help identify challenges in the hiring process, create strategic staffing plans and improve your recruiting and retention long term. Ask a potential recruiting partner about their work in this area to learn more about their approach.

Describe a successful candidate placement you achieved recently. What made it a success?

Like a behavioral interview question you might ask a job candidate, this question provides a specific example of the types of candidates and positions the recruiter deals with, how they go about fitting the right candidate to the right position and company and how they gauge success. The response can help you decide whether the recruiter is the right fit for you.

How should I contact you? How quickly should I expect a response?

The best recruiters are highly responsive. They love to learn more about their clients, so they make themselves easy to contact and respond quickly when they receive an email or phone call. Ask about your potential recruiting partner’s communication methods and preferences to ensure you can always touch base when you need to do so.

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Essential Questions to Ask When You Interview for an Energy Job

When you work with a recruiter to find a job in the energy industry, you may go through several rounds of interviews. Your first interview may be with the recruiter directly, and you will likely have one or more interviews with the employer.

Every interview is a dialogue. It’s an opportunity not only to present your work, but to learn more about the company and the position to determine whether this career step is right for you. Here are several questions that will help you get to the heart of the matter.

Can you walk me through a typical day in this position?

Questions about the job help you gain an inside perspective about the position. They also demonstrate to the employer you’re genuinely interested in ensuring you’re up to the task—and this is the job you want. Questions about onboarding or training can also help you determine what to expect and gauge how well you’ll mesh with the existing team.

What are the goals and plans for this company?

Both the recruiter and the hiring manager should be able to give you an overview of the company’s goals and its general direction. Asking questions can help you determine whether you’ll find it fulfilling to contribute toward these goals. If you don’t get a clear and enthusiastic answer to this question, take note: it could be a sign of poor support or poor communication.

What’s the next step in the hiring process, and who should I talk to if I have additional questions?

Asking about the next step indicates your enthusiasm. It also helps you stay “in the loop,” so you’ll be able to plan your continued job search, errands and other tasks around potentially important dates. Asking who to speak to with additional questions can also help you identify the people at the company who should receive a personalized thank-you note once your interview is over.

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