5 Reasons to Consider Creating a Role for the Right Candidate

The candidate’s resume describes your dream hire. You’ve heard great things about them. They’re enthusiastic about the job and offer a great fit for your team. There’s just one problem: You don’t have an open position for them.

Like many workplace problems, this one also offers an opportunity. You may not have an open position to fill—but you may be able to create one.

Here’s why creating an opening for a stellar candidate is a great idea:

  1. You get the talent you need. Every hiring manager has worried, at some point, about finding the talent they need when they need it. When you’re willing to create a position for the perfect candidate, you don’t have to worry about the timing; you know you can hire an outstanding candidate no matter when they appear.
  2. You push your team, department and company closer to their goals. The candidate it pains you to turn down is always the candidate who can supercharge your team’s engagement, productivity and results. Otherwise, you’d be content to pass on them. Create a position from which they can contribute to the team, and you can turn “I’m sorry” into “We’ve achieved.”
  3. You “scoop” your competition. The dream candidate your recruiter recommended is looking for a job—and if you say no, chances are good that one of your competitors will say yes. The oil and gas industry are fluctuating constantly. Be ready for the next big innovation or production increase by bringing the best talent on board before your competitors even begin looking.
  4. You free up team members’ time for other tasks. Every team has tasks at the bottom of its to-do list that would greatly benefit productivity but never seem to get done. With one more person on the team, you make it possible to start chipping away at those tasks, improving the situation for everyone involved.
  5. You free up team members’ time (and expand their resources) for innovation. Innovation is more important than ever in the energy industry, as new sources of oil and gas and more efficient ways to extract and refine these resources become essential to the industry’s survival. When you have one more outstanding person on the team to handle daily tasks, you have just a bit more time to focus on the innovation that will keep your company one step ahead. You also have one more person who can contribute to that innovation.

At FootBridge Energy Services, our recruiters work with some of the best talent in the oil and gas industry. We also strive to connect our clients to the talent that offers the best fit for their workplace culture and business goals. Contact us today to learn more.

7 Simple Ways to Streamline Your Job Search

The rise of the internet has made job searching easier than ever in some ways—and more overwhelming in other ways. It gets harder and harder to separate real opportunities from misleading job posts. To find the job you want, you’ll need to streamline the process to target the most likely opportunities and discard the rest. Here are seven ways to do that.

Schedule your job hunt every day.

Set aside a block of time every day to work on your job search. Choose the time of day you’re most alert and active, whether that’s first thing in the morning or right after lunch. Spending a little time at the task daily will yield better results than waiting for a large chunk of free time to attack your search, particularly if you are currently employed.

Create templates, not carbon copies.

Using the same general resume for every opportunity is a recipe for failure. However, creating a basic template for emails you will send many times—such as a thank-you note following an interview—can help you focus on adding the personalized details that will make your performance memorable, rather than writing “Thank you for speaking to me today” repeatedly. Your recruiter can offer insights that can help you customize your resume to each opportunity.

Be choosy about where you search.

The proliferation of internet job boards can make it seem possibilities are endless—but it seems that it’s only quantity that has increased, not quality. Your best bet is an in-depth discussion with your recruiter about your goals and interests.

Focus only on the jobs that really interest you.

Pursuing every job opening quickly becomes exhausting. And why take the time on positions you’re not eager to accept? Instead, focus on the jobs, employers and industries that really pique your enthusiasm. This focus will help you stay engaged in your job search and shine during interviews.

Tap into your professional network.

Once a week, get together with someone in your network to touch base, talk shop and share your job search goals. Leads come from the most unlikely places, and in the meantime, you’ll build an essential social support network to maintain your morale.

Learn how to market yourself.

Knowing how to make a great impression can help you find the job you want faster. A great resume leads to interviews. A stand out interview garners job offers. Take the time to research the latest best practices for job seekers in your field. Ask your recruiter for advice on how to draft a killer resume and sharpen your interview skills.

Make the most of your recruiter relationship.

Recruiters offer a fantastic job-search resource by addressing several of the above points at once. They curate the best jobs and recommend those that fit your skills and goals. They cultivate large professional networks, and they provide feedback on your resume and interview skills.

At FootBridge Energy Services, our recruiters connect some of the best job-seeking professionals to companies in the oil and gas industries. If you’re looking for work in the energy industry, contact us today to learn how we can help you streamline your job search.