9 Ways to Increase Workplace Safety

Many jobs in the oil and gas industry pose risks to workers.  When injury occurs, productivity decreases, morale declines and concerns about additional accidents distract and disengage the rest of the team.

Here are nine ways to improve safety in order to keep your workers healthy and focused:

  1. Train them. Clear, accessible, thorough training helps workers do their jobs more effectively and safely. Don’t forget to include regular review sessions to ensure safety procedures are treated as the “right” way to do things.
  2. Hire for safety. Hiring workers who understand the importance of safety guidelines and know how to follow them can help you avoid accidents. Safer workers improve both their own safety and the safety of those around them.
  3. Lead by example. Follow the safety regulations – every single time. Insist that all supervisors and managers do the same.  When leadership follows the rules, workers will notice and follow suit.
  4. Reward safe behavior. Rewarding completion, “no matter what it takes,” is a recipe for risky shortcuts that could result in injury. Instead, focus on rewarding safe behavior, even if it means missing the occasional deadline or quote.
  5. Post reminders. Although training can help ingrain certain habits, it never hurts to remind workers about the need for safety. Safety signs and notices remind workers to don their hard hats, grab a pair of gloves or double-check before stepping into the forklift’s usual path.
  6. Give workers what they need to stay safe. Workplaces that provide safety items make it easier for workers to use them, and they provide no excuses for “forgetting.” Make sure all workplace safety equipment is available and insist that workers use it.
  7. Keep it clean. Spills, dirt, debris and clutter are responsible for a significant number of injuries every year – and these injuries are preventable. Make cleaning a part of the “right” way to do the job.
  8. Keep maintenance up to date. Machines, tools and equipment that operate properly help reduce the risk of injuries. They also help workers do their jobs more efficiently, boosting productivity.  Make sure maintenance is carried out according to a clear schedule.
  9. Look for improvements. While 100 percent safety should be the goal, in reality, every workplace can improve. Encourage employees to point out potential risks and recommend possible ideas for improvement.

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How to Keep Your Team Motivated During Tough Times

As a leading energy recruiting expert, FootBridge Energy Services knows when times are tough, team-building exercises and bagel Fridays just won’t cut it. Now more than ever, you need to keep your people engaged and motivated.

But if your employees are nervous about the future and whether or not they’ll have a job next year…or even next week, this can certainly be a challenge. To help you keep your team motivated during difficult times, here are six tips to follow:

Communicate openly and often.

It’s critically important you keep your door open and encourage your employees to talk with you about issues and concerns. Be candid with them about the situation and don’t make any promises you’re not sure you can keep. If there are any rumors circulating through the office, address them head-on. Keep your staff regularly informed so you can conquer the rumor mill once and for all.

Meet personally with each employee.

Depending on the size of your team, set up time to meet individually with each person and talk about what they need in order to stay motivated and on track. When you do, discuss long-term goals to demonstrate they have a future with your company. If you have an employee who wants to get promoted, offer a clear path for career advancement.

Empower your people.

Encourage your employees to share creative ideas and input about how to improve performance and boost company success. The more invested your people feel in your business, the more focused and motivated they’ll be to help it succeed.

Acknowledge good work.

During tough times, it’s easy to lose focus on any positive results your team is achieving. But your employees are already stressed out enough. Keep them motivated and encouraged by regularly recognizing and rewarding them for good work.

Don’t take your stress out on your staff.

Running a company is challenging; running one during tough times can seem downright impossible. But don’t take your anxiety out on your people. If you do, you’ll only upset and alienate them. Also, while you should be honest and forthright about the situation, don’t voice your own personal stress and apprehension.

Stay positive.

Now more than ever, it’s important to maintain a positive mental attitude. Keep in mind your employees take their cues from you. If you’re negative and upset all the time, it will impact morale and motivation. Instead, stay strong, set a positive tone, and be empathetic toward your people.

It’s hard to keep staff energetic and motivated during tough times. But following the tips above is one big step in the right direction.

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