Need to Replace an Employee Discreetly? Here’s What to Do.

When you decide to replace a member of your team, you face a challenge.  Who will replace them?  How will you find a great new candidate?  And how do you keep the search quiet so that the current team can focus on its work instead of crumbling under the stress and uncertainty of impending change?

Here are four ways to replace an employee discreetly:

  1. Keep it quiet. The more people know about the search, the more likely it is that information will leak out. Office rumor mills can easily turn a simple search into a political fiasco. Inform other members of the team on a strict “need-to-know” basis, and charge them to keep the search confidential.
  2. Line up your ducks. Before you launch the search, know why you are seeking to replace a current employee. Back up your reasoning with evidence and examples. For instance, if the person is underperforming, get the data that demonstrates this. If you encounter resistance to the decision, you can point to the evidence instead of getting into a “personality battle” with other members of the team.
  3. Walk away. Avoid interviewing new candidates on-site. If you do, team members will notice something is up – and everyone may develop the distracting anxiety that comes from feeling they are the one being replaced. Instead, find a professional off-site location in which to interview, such as a satellite office for your company or your staffing firm’s offices.
  4. Band together. Add an extra layer of confidentiality and discretion to your candidate search by teaming up with your recruiter to conduct it. Your staffing firm can prescreen candidates, present you with the best options available, and help keep your company’s name and information confidential, so job postings are not traced back to your organization and don’t reveal which member of the team you are seeking to replace.

At FootBridge Energy Services, our experienced recruiters can find the people you need to meet your business goals – and we can do so while maintaining the standards of confidentiality you need. Contact us today to learn more about our energy recruitment services.

Want to Be a Better Leader? You Might Need to Change Your Mindset.

Some bosses are just “supervisors.”  Others are “leaders.”

Naturally, it’s the second group that gets the most from their team – and it’s the second group every boss aspires to join.  But how do you get there?  Instead of changing your team or your approach, it might be time to change the way you think.

Here’s how:

Instead of: Impersonal
Think: Compassionate

Attempting to treat your team “equally” or “professionally” leads many bosses to adopt an impersonal, even cold approach.  But neither equality nor professionalism demand that you act like a robot.

Instead, focus on listening to your team, putting yourself in their shoes, and making recommendations that get the work done while accommodating employees’ personalities and needs.  Employees who know you’ll listen and take their concerns seriously are more likely to communicate before a small problem becomes a big crisis.

Instead of: Managing
Think: Delegating

Delegating does two crucial things for your team.  It creates a sense of ownership in the work, prompting employees to do more thorough and accurate jobs – as anyone will when it’s their name on the bottom line.  And it frees up your time to focus on the tasks you can’t delegate to your team.

Instead of giving instructions and watching to ensure things are done “right,” spend more time explaining how to do the job and where to look for information.  Then, stand back and trust your team members to come to you with questions.

Instead of: Using
Think: Developing

When you hire new staff, you need people with certain skills who can “hit the ground running.”  But if the end of your planning is to find the new cog for the current machine, you’re supervising, not leading.  Worse, you may be losing your best people, as they look for jobs that feel less like a dead-end and more like a stepping stone.

Instead, focus on finding people with good skills who can also grow into good leaders – and learn how to develop those skills and abilities in others.  Classes on teaching and leadership development can help.   

At FootBridge Energy Services, our staffing partners help clients find the talent with today’s skills and tomorrow’s leadership potential.  Contact us today to learn more about our recruiting solutions in the energy sector.

Struggling to Retain Your Top Energy Employees? Here’s What to Do.

You can never get back the time and resources you devote to hiring top energy professionals. You can’t afford to lose those who have made it through your screening process and become part of the team. While some level of attrition is inevitable, there are steps you can take to control your losses and make sure the people who leave are not those you’d most like to stay.

Show Your Employees They Are Valued

Share your vision and solicit their ideas and opinions so they feel like they are working with the company toward a common goal. Provide them with a clear role and show how it fits into the company. Create an environment that shows that you respect their contributions to the organization. Provide safety training and ensure that PPE is comfortable and simple to use. Don’t just purchase the minimum quality required by OSHA.

Provide Achievable Goals and Regular Feedback

Employees who don’t know what is expected of them or how they are doing on the job are the ones most likely to leave. To foster engagement and retention, make it clear what metrics they are expected to meet and let them know regularly how well they are performing in achieving them. Provide ongoing feedback and support and the tools and training that they need to succeed.

Offer Professional Development

To keep your best people, focus on how you can help them increase their skills and marketability. Don’t hesitate to delegate and keep an eye out for those with strong leadership potential. Work with each individual to develop a potential career path. Include with clear progress steps and training to help them reach their goals. Offer on-site training and development or reimbursement for conferences, classes or certifications.

Don’t hold people back from taking lateral transfers if it’s the right move for them. It’s better for the company to keep top people, even if a different department is a better choice for them.

Hire With an Eye toward Retention

This strategy may not help in your current struggles, but if you employ it going forward, you can prevent future losses. Interview not just to fill the current open position, but also to consider how the candidate fits into the company’s long-range goals. Can you see a promotion potential? Look for the skills, attitude and professionalism that make a candidate a keeper.

If you’re losing top energy employees, take a step back to understand why. If you need help recruiting people who can be with your company for the long haul, contact the energy recruitment and staffing specialists at FootBridge Energy Services. Our experienced recruiters quickly find and attract top talent with extensive experience in the energy industry. Contact us today to learn more.