New Bill Poised to Boost the Nuclear Energy Industry

The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed a “Clean Power Plan,” which seeks to cut carbon emissions from the power sector by 30% from 2005 levels by 2030.

The proposal, which includes new and existing sites, gives power plants 10-15 years to meet these guidelines. According to the EPA, these steps will:

  • Cut carbon emissions at a rate equal to that from powering more than half the homes in the United States for one year.
  • Cut particle pollution, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide by more than 25%.
  • Prevent as many as 6,600 premature deaths, up to 150,000 asthma attacks in children, and up to 490,000 missed work or school days.
  • Reduce electric bills about 8% percent by increasing energy efficiency.

This proposal shows promise for nuclear energy producers in particular. President Barack Obama was a longtime resident of Illinois, the state which produces more nuclear energy than any other. He understands that nuclear power is a clean and reliable alternate to energy sources with a larger carbon footprint, such as oil and coal.

According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Gina McCarthy , the agency’s proposed carbon emissions rules are specifically designed to support nuclear plants that are struggling with profitability. She said the agency has focused on the plants in danger of closure because of competition from lower-cost energy sources.

What Does This Mean For Hiring In The Industry?

As the use of nuclear energy becomes more widespread, experts anticipate that it will be more readily accepted by the general populace, cementing its reputation as a reliable source for clean energy. Employers will need more help at all skill levels to keep up with demand.

The growing interest in nuclear power and clean reliable energy should provide a boost in business and an increase in high-paying jobs ranging from maintenance and construction to engineering and plant management.

Both employers and job seekers will need to remain flexible to keep up with demand. While some jobs will be long term, most will be contract-based. Job seekers will be expected to travel to where demand is concentrated. Employers will need to develop support systems to make transitioning from one location to the next simpler for contract employees.

Sourcing and hiring top nuclear energy talent will only grow more challenging as demand increases. Contact the renewable hiring energy experts at FootBridge Energy Services for help. Whether you are building a new facility or expanding an existing one, we can make it easier to remain fully staffed no matter what changes the industry brings.

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Energy Sector Conferences and How to Get the Most Out of Them

Whether you are an employer or a professional in the energy sector, there is much to be learned by attending conferences. They can be expensive in both money and time away from the office, so it’s critical that you make the most of each one you attend.

What Makes Conferences Worth Attending?

  • Industry-focused exhibits and discussions.
  • Expert-level presenters.
  • Displays of new and innovative technologies.
  • Opportunities to network with other professionals.
  • Plenty of engaged attendees.

Here Are Several of the Energy Sector’s Top Conferences:

Deloitte Energy Conference

This yearly conference in Washington, DC provides energy professionals throughout the world with a venue to discuss globalization, industry outlooks and other energy issues. Summaries of previous year’s conferences are available on their website.

Pipeline Week

Pipeline Week’s Conference will be held in Houston, TX this fall and will cover opportunities and developments in the oil and gas industry. Topics include increasing safety, reliability and profitability within the industry. Exhibitors this year feature providers of solutions and products for mapping, pipeline services, engineering, pipeline integrity, regulatory compliance, pipeline solutions, asset integrity, environmental issues, emergency management, damage prevention, and architecture & design. See last year’s show report here.

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory (NRC’s) Commission’s Regulatory Information Conference (RIC)

This annual forum is hosted by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to bring together attendees to share information, educate and learn about pertinent industry developments and opportunities. The conference is known for opening lines of communication between the public and the NRC staff. The conference is made up of technical sessions and keynote addresses, as well as opportunities to engage with industry experts in a variety of specialties. This conference provides an excellent opportunity for professionals to network and learn about key developments in the field of nuclear energy.

AACEI Annual Meeting and Conference

AACE International offers several opportunities throughout the year for their members to network, educate and learn about total cost management and developments in the industry. The annual meeting is held in the United States and is a three-day event filled with keynote addresses, presentations, and almost 100 sessions that delve into the nuances of total cost management. The organization also sponsors an international conference that brings together individuals from around the globe in a format similar to the annual meeting.

Making the Most of Your Conference Experience:

At the best conferences you will have opportunities to learn something new about your industry, build your network and uncover opportunities that you may not have found otherwise. Mingle, take plenty of notes and engage with other attendees. Speak to presenters offline if the opportunity is offered. Using social media such as Twitter to comment during the event will give you the chance to chat with other conference-goers and be perceived as a thought leader in the industry.

Be sure to follow up after the event as well. Visit the conference website for updates. Connect with people you met by asking them to join your network on LinkedIn. Or call or email them to further discussions begun at the conference.

In addition to attending conferences, one of the best ways to excel your career or connect with the industry’s best talent is by partnering with an energy sector recruiting expert. FootBridge Energy Services specializes in matching top talent to the industry’s best jobs and would welcome the opportunity to work with you as well. Contact us today to learn more!