Don’t Hire Blind – How to Leverage the Market Knowledge of Your Staffing Partner

Your relationship with your staffing partner can be your company’s best kept secret hiring resource.  Perhaps one of the most common misconceptions about partnering with a niche staffing agency is that their purpose starts and ends with presenting a pool of job candidates to interview for your company’s vacant positions. In reality, your staffing firm has near infinite access to intel that can prove to be invaluable when hiring in the energy sector; leveraging this market knowledge they possess can greatly work to your company’s benefit. When you partner with an energy specific staffing company, you are unlocking access to:

  • Market saturation. Do you know how many qualified candidates are in your marketplace with the skillset you need? Your staffing agency does, and they can tell you where you need to be looking, how competitive the specific market may be, and what you need to do to attract these types of candidates.
  • Competitive salaries. Because your energy recruiting firm specializes in your industry, they have inside information on what the current salary ranges are for your top positions, as well as what your competitors are offering. This knowledge can help you gain a competitive edge by developing attractive compensation packages and understanding what top energy talent is worth.
  • Industry trends. The energy sector is in the midst of a revival, which puts it in a state of constant evolution. Many energy companies fear a talent shortage, but an energy search firm can help you prepare by seeing projections ahead of the curve. Additionally, recruiters in the energy sector know where to find the best talent, even if the candidates are not currently seeking a new position.

With all the market knowledge and resources your search firm has on hand to deliver, you would be making a huge mistake not to leverage this intel to your advantage. As one of the industry’s top staffing companies for more than a decade, FootBridge Energy thrives on arming their clients with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed in the constantly growing energy sector. Contact the energy staffing experts at FootBridge Energy to take advantage of the energy sector’s best staffing resources today!

New Nuclear Power Plants: Will it continue in the Near Future?

It would be difficult to deny that the future of nuclear energy appears to be shaky at best. Although a nuclear revival seemed promising just a decade ago, a combination of cheaper energy alternatives, apathetic demand, and more stringent regulatory and safety concerns have led to the forced closings of four nuclear plants this year alone. In addition to these four closures, two other nuclear plants are currently at a crossroads while dozens more are finding themselves at risk of early retirement.

Although 2013 has proven to be a bleak year in the nuclear power sector, officials remain optimistic. One particular power plant currently under scrutiny, the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant located in Buchanon, New York, believes they will be able to make a deal in renewing their license. Indian Point, which has been generating nuclear power for more than 40 years, currently provides a quarter of New York City and Westchester’s power and employs 1,000 permanent workers in addition to its 200 on-site contract workers; this allows Indian Point to contribute a total of $147- million in payroll for full-time employees on an annual basis. Indian Point is not a unique situation; statistically, power plants do generate the majority of power in their regions and positively contribute to the economy on both a local and national level by employing a generous number of workers.

Despite the year’s closures and canceled power plant upgrades, hope in the nuclear sector remains. Four new reactors are currently under construction in both Georgia and South Carolina, while research is underway to develop smaller, more modular reactors that would alleviate concerns surrounding the high upfront costs and major infrastructure necessary for traditional nuclear power. Although distribution is still years away, small modular reactors could pave the way for an entirely new nuclear market in developing parts of the world that do not yet have the capital for large-scale plants.

While current market conditions may look differently, experts from the Nuclear Energy Institute believe the outlook for nuclear power is still strong. With sector trends and conditions constantly evolving, it is crucial for energy workers to stay up to date in the market and be aware if and when the time comes to make an energy career move. FootBridge Staffing has been working alongside top energy companies and professionals in the sectors for more than a decade and prides itself on being able to see ahead of the curve. For more information on career opportunities in the nuclear industry, contact FootBridge Energy today!

The Energy Sector’s Workforce is Aging – What Should Your Company Do?

The energy workforce is aging, and many companies find themselves wondering how to fill the knowledge void as technology advances and experienced employees head towards retirement. As more and more energy employees become eligible to retire in large numbers, the energy industry as a whole is bracing itself for a severe labor shortage and is in need of a solution to address these industry changes throughout individual companies and organizations. The top most successful, innovative, and forward-thinking energy companies are approaching the impending shortage by effectively addressing change in the following key areas:

  • Developing and retaining leaders. It is of utmost importance during this period of transition for energy companies to effectively train the next generation of workers while retaining their top employees who are not yet of retirement age. A great deal of emphasis should be placed upon recruiting promising candidates who can be trained in the energy field (with or without prior industry experience) and promoting a strong sense of career satisfaction for seasoned employees as well as new hires.
  • Leveraging performance, technology, and organization. The energy industry is finding itself in the unique position of having more vacant positions than available job candidates, making this a prime opportunity for overall evaluation. Companies should take an honest and serious look at their current performance and organizational structure to make an informed deduction on where workers are needed, where technology can step in, and which areas could use a complete restructure.
  • Working with an industry specific staffing partner. It is more vital than ever to bring a niche staffing firm on board to hone in on your overall business strategy. An energy staffing firm will be armed with invaluable industry knowledge and insights to locate, recruit, and screen a talent pool of experienced industry employees who may or may not actively be seeking work as well as promising candidates who are new to the field and ready to be trained.

Although the impending shortage can seem intimidating, this upcoming transition means great things for energy job seekers as well as companies looking to grow with the changing workforce. Partnering with a trusted and proven energy staffing firm is the best way to ensure your company addresses change effectively and remains armed with an adaptable workforce that is set up for success. For more resources on how to fill the knowledge void of the aging energy workforce, contact the energy staffing experts at FootBridge Energy today!