Employment Changes Happen: How to Find a Job After Being Let Go

As fellow professionals will surely tell you, employment changes are very real and can sometimes happen in the blink of an eye. Despite the recent boom in job creation on a national level, the energy industry is not immune to job cutbacks. Duke Energy’s announcement in February to permanently shut down the Crystal River 3 nuclear power plant resulted in the layoffs of approximately 585 skilled energy workers. Fortunately for energy industry employees, where one job closes, another one is opening. If you have recently been laid off, consider the following strategies for finding your next energy job opportunity quickly and efficiently:

  • Remain positive. Job cutbacks are frustrating for everyone involved, especially for those who have been laid off. You have every right to feel angry, bruised, or depressed, but don’t let these feelings get the best of you. Take this period of down time to reflect on where you have been in your career thus far and where you may like to go next.
  • Evaluate your options. Research the areas that interest you. Network as much as possible and take every opportunity you can to learn something new and improve upon your strengths and skills. Try not to restrict yourself and explore new areas of interest that you may not have the option to experience before.
  • Partner with an energy recruiter. An energy industry recruiter is your best resource during a layoff. These specialized staffing partners know which companies are hiring candidates with your skillset, usually before the positions even hit the job boards or company website; this in turn gives you a competitive edge over other job seekers. On top of unlocking inside access to great energy job opportunities, energy industry recruiters can help you get your foot in the door and minimize your down time between jobs.

If you have found yourself at the mercy of recent job cutbacks, do not let yourself feel defeated. Instead, take this opportunity to discover where you want to go next in your energy career and partner with an experienced, energy specific staffing firm. FootBridge Energy has more than a decade’s worth of experience in energy job placement and believes in fostering strong relationships with its clients and companies. To learn more about enhancing your career in the energy sector, review our current energy job openings or contact the energy employment specialists at FootBridge Energy today!

Advantages Offered by Working with a Niche Staffing Firm

More and more energy companies today are learning that the best method for unlocking access to the industry’s leading talent is to work with a headhunter. Headhunters work to effectively find qualified candidates to fill specific positions, regardless of whether the candidate is currently looking for a new job or not. Headhunters typically have great negotiating skills, a strong network, and a keen eye for spotting potential in candidates.

However, not all headhunters are the same. Many headhunters are generalist recruiters who are very skilled in finding candidates to fill job vacancies, but do not have specialized experience in the field they are placing. Without a strong foundation of energy industry specific experience and knowledge, a generalist recruiter won’t have the right eye for spotting the types of candidates your company needs, in turn, costing you valuable time and money. This is why it is so imperative to partner with a niche headhunter. Consider the following:

  • Ahead of the curve. Energy industry hiring experts always stay one step ahead of the curve. Headhunters who focus on one specific niche or industry have better contacts, stronger relationships, and more powerful networks than generalist recruiters who spread their resources over a much broader territory. Niche headhunters are also fully imbedded in your marketplace and are well-versed in industry terminology, job requirements, and hiring obstacles.
  • Limited talent pool. Because the energy sector is so specific, many positions require candidates with unique skillsets. Being able to identify candidates with this precise mix of skills can be difficult to the naked eye because resumes rarely spell out a comprehensive summary of skills and experiences. Niche recruiters are able to read between the lines and make intuitive connections because of their detailed knowledge about the industry’s market and candidate network.
  • Specialization. The specialization and efficiency of working with a niche staffing firm saves valuable time and money during the hiring process. The last thing a hiring manager wants to experience is having the perfect candidate decline an employment offer after investing the time and resources to find the candidate in the first place. Niche recruiters have such high acceptance rates because they will not present a potential candidate to a client if there is uncertainty in their willingness to accept the position if offered.

Working with a niche headhunter means you are partnering with a specialist in your field that will be able to find the best candidates in your industry. FootBridge Energy has been building their network of energy industry job candidates and companies for 13 years and maintains strong relationships with some of the most influential energy companies in the world. If you are looking for a proven resource to fill your energy staffing needs, contact the energy industry staffing experts at FootBridge Energy today!

Upper Devonian Shale Poised to Offer Lucrative Opportunities

Gas drillers in Western Pennsylvania recently stumbled upon a discovery which holds the promise and excitement of a possible new source of natural gas. This discovery, found deep beneath the surface in a third layer of shale, may not be quite as lucrative as the Marcellus or Utica shales; however, the unique mixture of shale and sandstone layers could very well prove to be an added source of energy in the U.S. Referred to as Upper Devonian, this discovery which resides approximately 6,000 – 6,500 feet beneath the ground above the Marcellus shale, is projected to provide a strong boost in shale production as well as add to the growing promise of its own formation.

Although it is still very early in its stages of development, energy companies throughout Pennsylvania and into West Virginia have already jumped on the drilling of Upper Devonian wells.  To date, approximately 20 wells have been drilled into the Upper Devonian shales in Pennsylvania with plans for at least 22 more wells to be drilled throughout the upcoming year. The average Upper Devonian well currently produces approximately 3- 4 million cubic feet of natural gas per day. While this is significantly less natural gas production than a Marcellus shale, it remains a promising find worthy of both attention and research, producing an average of 172 barrels of oil and 825 barrels of natural gas liquid in a given day.

As with many great finds in the natural gas sector, a notable new discovery brings the promise of new opportunities for both employers and job seekers alike. While the Upper Devonian shales continue to be explored, they provide additional profitable endeavors for natural gas companies and lead to further job creation for those looking to grow their career within the natural gas sector. Full development of the Upper Devonian shales is expected to take decades and formations of the shales themselves will take generations to fully develop. This in turn leads to a steady future for companies and job seekers looking to thoroughly examine the potential of drilling Upper Devonion wells.

With so many new discoveries taking place in natural gas energy, it is extremely important to partner with an experienced company that is constantly in the know with industry trends and developments. Whether you are a natural gas company looking to bring on a team of dedicated drillers or a job seeker looking to grow your career, FootBridge Energy can help you secure your next opportunity. If you are looking for additional news or resources on energy industry job placement, contact the professionals at FootBridge Energy today!