Congrats on the New Job! But You Should Still Stay in Touch With Your Recruiter

Even after you land a job, it is highly recommended to maintain a positive, active relationship with your recruiter. Unplanned events, such as a staffing decrease, could leave you searching for a job once again. In situations such as these, having a staffing expert on your side can prove to be extremely beneficial.

These words of wisdom ring especially true in niche industries, such as the energy, and oil and gas sectors, where it takes the expertise of a specialized recruiter to truly understand the ins and outs of hiring trends within the industry.  To stay top of mind with your recruiter, practice the following tips:

  • Build before you need. Above all, it is important to have a solid relationship with your recruiter before you find yourself in need of their services again. Cultivating a strong relationship with your recruiter when you are not looking for a job is one of the best ways to ensure they will be ready, willing, and available to help you find a new job if and when the time does come.
  • Keep regular contact. While it is unnecessary to speak with your recruiter daily, staying in regular contact is highly advised. Consider sending your recruiter a monthly email to update them on your current job status, such as how they have helped you, what you have learned, and how you are progressing with your professional goals. Not only will this regular contact keep you fresh in your recruiter’s mind, it will notify them of any new or polished skills that may come in handy for a future position.
  • Connect on social media. Social media is a wonderful resource for professionals today with numerous ways to take advantage of it. Like your recruiter’s company page on Facebook to show them support and keep current. Interacting with your recruiter on LinkedIn is another great way to stay in touch and foster a positive, professional relationship.

While it is important and recommended to maintain contact with your recruiter after finding a job, the true trait of a good recruiter is to stay in touch with the employee throughout an assignment. FootBridge Energy is the premiere energy staffing solution specializing in both contract and long-term job placement. If you are looking to advance your energy career, contact the energy staffing experts at FootBridge Energy today!

Energy Growth in the US Offers Excellent Job Opportunities for Women and Minorities

America’s growth in the energy sector continues to drive our economy forward. This means great things for the American workforce, especially for women and minorities. However, many experts have voiced concerns that these very groups may get left behind in the recent upsurge of job openings, but not because these opportunities are unavailable; women and minorities are simply not applying for jobs in the energy sector, nor are they accepting them.

Although 40% of energy workers are non-white, women and minority workers are still highly underrepresented in the industry with even less corporate representation at the top. The solar industry alone shows job growth six times the size of the overall job market; unfortunately, women and minorities are barely represented in this growth. One possible explanation for these small numbers is attributed to preworkforce training. While women and minority groups make up approximately 70% of college students in the nation, they only account for 45% of professionals with degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) – the core degrees currently driving the solar industry as a whole.

Because of this, the American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE) used its Energy Policy Summit, held earlier this year, to focus discussions on increasing minority participation in the energy sector. Meanwhile, CASEnergy, a grassroots organization that supports the increased use of nuclear energy, is dedicating efforts towards attracting Latinos and other minorities to career opportunities in the energy industry. In addition to the commitments of these two groups, the U.S. Energy Department is making its own commitment to closing the gap by offering several programs that train and monitor minorities studying in STEM fields. This includes a research program that helps fund the development of affordable, solar technologies as well as a comprehensive list of clean energy databases for these students to search.

Thanks to the efforts of the U.S. Energy department and other dedicated groups, as well as the wide range of professional jobs available in a multitude of positions around the country, there has never been a more promising time for women and minority job seekers in the energy industry. FootBridge Energy understands that sometimes the most difficult step in the job search process is knowing where to look. This is why FootBridge Energy shares top energy job opportunities and insightful resources to interested job seekers at all times. If you are looking for more in-depth assistance on growing your energy industry career, contact the energy staffing professionals at FootBridge Energy today!

The Changing Landscape of Nuclear Builds

Recently, Duke Energy announced that they were abandoning plans to build a nuclear power plant in Florida’s Levy County. When the construction plans were initially publicized over seven years ago, they were met with favorable support and high hopes from the Levy community. These local residents had witnessed the economic upturn in both jobs and money a power plant had brought to nearby Crystal River and eagerly anticipated the same good fortune. When the news of cancelling the Levy County power plant met the public in early August, doubt overshadowed the hope these residents once felt. In a county with 15,000 residents currently employed with an average yearly household income of $36,000, the construction of a power plant had projected:

  • More than 4,000 jobs created for the building of the power plant
  • More than 2,000 jobs created for the power plant itself
  • Yearly salaries averaging more than $80,000
  • A projected $22 million tax bill for the county’s budget

The changing landscape of nuclear builds is hitting home to more than just Levy County residents. Earlier this year, Dominion Virginia Power announced plans to terminate their contract with Mitsubishi and instead return to GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) as their technology partner for the North Anna 3 Nuclear Power Plant Project. While the renewed partnership brings great excitement for both Dominion and GEH, there is still no commitment to begin building on schedule, much like what was experienced with the Levy power plant. The project development agreement between Dominion and GEH is set to include engineering work to support the development of a specific Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR) design for North Anna 3 and licensing support work for the power plant’s Combined Operating License (COL) application to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. If carried through, North Anna 3 would have the potential of becoming the world’s most technologically advanced reactor.

The energy industry is constantly evolving and despite the changing landscape of nuclear builds, more and more jobs are coming to the surface each and every day. Working with an energy-specific niche staffing firm like FootBridge Energy is the only way to make sure you are finding the right energy industry companies and qualified candidates in the right place at the right time. FootBridge Energy brings over a decade’s worth of experience to the table and prides itself on successfully placing the energy industry’s top candidates with some of the most notable energy companies. If you are looking to grow your career in the energy industry or locate the energy industry’s top talent, contact FootBridge Energy for results today!

So, Where Are All These Energy Jobs People Are Talking About?

It is quickly becoming common knowledge that the recent boom in the energy industry has created, and continues to create, an abundance of new jobs. What is not so widely known, however, is where exactly these jobs can be found. Although energy industry jobs are not intentionally hidden, they can be difficult for interested and qualified candidates to locate if they do not already know where to look.

In 2011 alone, the natural gas and oil industry in the U.S. supported 9.8 million jobs; this was a steady increase of more than 600,000 jobs in just a two-year span. In fact, what is now being referred to as America’s 21st Century Energy Revolution is touted as the main driver of our nation’s economic recovery. These contributing factors include full-time and part-time positions, salaries, operational impact from the purchase of goods and services, and capital investment. Recent studies have shown that the industry’s impact on employment can be broken down as follows:

  • In 2011, the oil and gas industry alone accounted for 5.6% of total employment in the U.S.
  • Each direct oil and gas job supported 2.8 jobs elsewhere in the U.S. economy
  • The energy industry’s total labor income impact reached $598 billion or 6.3% of national labor income

While these figures and projections are optimistic, they provide very little to job seekers who are unaware of the new jobs being created. This is why in this day and age, it is so crucial to partner with a niche energy staffing company. Consider the following:

  • Experience. Energy staffing companies employ the best-of-the-best recruiters in the energy industry. One of their greatest assets is the strong network they have built. This gives energy recruiters exclusive insight into which companies currently have job openings, which ones will soon be hiring, and most importantly, which companies will be the best fit for individual candidates.
  • Resources. Because of the recent energy boom, many employers fear an impending talent shortage. To prevent this, many companies are offering hands-on training and educational workshops to prepare candidates for work in the field. Partnering with an energy staffing company is one of the best ways to learn about these classes and ultimately find job placement with a top company.

Although the surge in energy industry employment has soared over the past few years, energy staffing is nothing new for FootBridge Energy. For more than a decade, FootBridge Energy has been fostering strong business relationships with some of the best companies in the energy industry and takes pride in matching qualified candidates with these renowned companies. If you are looking for employment opportunities in the energy field, contact the energy staffing experts at FootBridge Energy today!