Skilled Labor Demand Increases in Oil and Gas

Thanks to the oil and gas industry, our country is seeing record job creation at a rate not witnessed in over a century.  In 2012 alone, nearly 100,000 jobs were supported by oil and gas development, and this number is expected to more than double within the next decade. While these statistics and projections are optimistic for the energy sector as a whole, they are especially promising for individuals in a skilled labor line of work.

Skilled labor jobs are currently the most in-demand jobs throughout the industry spanning engineers, specialized technicians, project managers, schedulers, and other service workers. While the most notable increase in opportunities does specifically apply to energy sector positions, other industries are seeing job growth as a result of the energy sector. The booming energy industry has led to increased demand and support from other industries, leading to increased demand for skilled workers.

The recent boom in the oil and gas industry is expected to last for at least the next 30-40 years, if not longer. Energy companies are in the process of taking several proactive approaches in order to prevent and combat the potential shortage of skilled-labor workers presently and in years to come.  Some of these solutions include:

Nurturing Current Employee Relationships. Whether you realize it or not, your relationships with current employees directly impact being able to attract and retain new talent. When an employee considers working for your company, they will evaluate your reputation as a company and employer, as well as any personal recommendation a current employee may offer them.

Mentor Programs. Many employees who join the oil and gas industry are enrolled in intensive training programs with emphasis on planning and development. New employees are typically assigned to a mentor to get an induction plan to carry them through their training program and help them reach their potential. This will help your new employees get up to speed faster, increasing your productivity as a company.

Create (and Follow!) a Strategic Staffing Plan.  Whenever there is a hiring boom in an industry, the industry’s top talent is in high demand – and they know it. This means that if you do not have well-planned and well-executed staffing plan, your competition will be able to woo your job candidates away. Work with a staffing specialist to identify your short-term and long-term hiring needs and develop a plan to recruit and fill for your positions.

High demand for skilled labor means increased opportunities for oil and gas job seekers and heightened awareness for companies. For more than a decade, FootBridge Energy has been a competitive resource for hiring and matching talented professionals across all facets of the energy sector. If you are looking to find the best job candidates in the energy industry, contact FootBridge Energy today!

A “Lean” Recruiting Process is Essential in Energy

Implementing a streamlined recruiting strategy is essential when it comes to finding and hiring the best possible employees. This is especially true in the energy industry. The truth is, if your company is lacking a “lean” and focused recruiting process, you may very well be missing out on the best candidates accepting your offers for employment, something your company simply can’t afford.

One of the most proactive approaches to establishing a solid recruiting process in a specialized field is to bring in the help of an outside staffing firm. Outsourced energy recruiting companies employ the most talented and experienced staffing professionals in the field who know the energy industry inside and out. They understand the niche needs and goals of the energy sector, and they know where to find the most skilled and promising candidates. This know-how gives energy recruiters an edge when it comes to bringing in the best talent as well as cutting hiring costs due to saved time and money.

Teaming up with an energy staffing agency puts your hiring needs in the experts’ hands; however, it is still necessary to have a well-thought-out plan going into the partnership. To make the hiring process as efficient as possible, keep the following points in mind throughout working with your recruiter:

  • Set a timeline. On top of presenting the open positions you’d like the recruiter to help fill, include a timeline to indicate when you want or need to have someone working in these positions. This will provide your recruiter a realistic starting point when setting candidate expectation as well as a set goal to work towards.
  • Work with your timeline. Make reviewing candidate resumes and providing timely feedback to your recruiter a top priority. This will keep your recruiter proactively moving forward in the process and help them meet your timeline.
  • Be clear. Before you even speak with your recruiter, make sure you have a clear and concise understanding of your staffing needs. The better grasp you have of what will benefit your company, the more likely your recruiter will be able to find the best candidates to fit these needs.

Recruiting is important in any industry, and for companies in specialized fields like the energy sector, working with a niche staffing firm can be the best step towards hiring long-term skilled employees. FootBridge Energy has been matching top energy industry job candidates with some of the most recognized companies throughout the energy sector for over a decade. If you are ready to partner with one of the top energy staffing agencies, contact FootBridge Energy today!

Clean Energy Credited to More than 110,000 Jobs Last Year

Growth has been a steady trend throughout the energy sector and clean energy is no exception! In fact, more than 110,000 clean energy and transportation jobs were created in 2012, thanks to more than 300 projects throughout the U.S.  Clean energy, also commonly known as renewable energy or green energy, specifically refers to the energy produced from renewable resources such as water, wind, and solar power. These clean energy resources have greatly risen in popularity due to their lack of environmental debt and high return on investment for consumers.

Clean energy jobs span the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, ranging from entry-level to higher-level professional positions in a wide variety of fields. Some of the most common clean energy job markets include solar PV manufacturing, wind power development, green building design, sustainable bioenergy, and smart grid technologies. Notably, the Southeastern region led the country with 80% of the total U.S. manufacturing-related jobs with solar, advanced vehicles, and wind coming in as the leading industries.

California, North Carolina, and Florida were the nation’s primary leaders for clean energy jobs created in 2012, followed closely by Illinois, Connecticut, Arizona, New York, Michigan, Texas, and Oregon. Specifically, notable clean energy trends in 2012 included:

  • Public transportation drove clean energy job growth on a nationwide level, creating over 43,000 jobs over the course of the year.
  • Solar power was strong and steady in job creation throughout 2012, providing over 19,000 jobs between the manufacturing and power generation sectors.
  • Investment in energy efficiency hit an all-time high of $5.6 billion in 2012, thanks to the announcement of as many as 9,000 new jobs.

The continuous growth of clean energy within the already booming energy sector is promising for job seekers and anyone else looking to join the industry’s workforce. The best way to take advantage of these new opportunities in the sector is to work with a specialized energy-industry-focused staffing company like FootBridge Energy. FootBridge Energy has been fostering a culture of success for over a decade and prides itself in being a competitive resource for hiring talented professionals at the world’s most recognized energy companies. If you are ready to take the first step in your energy industry career, contact FootBridge Energy today!

Great News for Job Seekers: Energy Industry Headed to Workforce Shortage!

While the energy industry continues to boom, skilled workers are beginning to dwindle. It’s no secret that the energy sector is rapidly heading towards a workforce shortage within the next decade, something that would prove to be a gigantic inconvenience with the vast number of new projects soon to be underway. Although this is a seemingly worrisome scenario for energy industry employers, this is an opportune time for current job seekers looking to begin or advance their careers in the energy sector.

Currently, the North American oil and gas industry is comprised of approximately 5 million skilled employees, which is already about 1 million fewer workers than it employed a decade ago. Out of these 5 million current employees, roughly half are expected to retire in the next 10 years, leaving millions of job positions needing to be filled. On top of this, the current oil and gas boom occurring in the U.S. requires a great number of new projects – some already in progress and some set to begin shortly. If all of these projects come to pass, the peak workforce will need to grow five or six times compared to what it is at the present time.

The oil and gas industries are not the only areas requiring skilled workers. Recently, the Obama Administration approved three large-scale renewable energy projects in the U.S.: NextEra Energy’s 750-megawatt McCoy Solar Energy Project in Southern California, EDF Renewable Energy’s 150-megawatt Desert Harvest Solar Farm also in California, and the 200-megawatt Searchlight Wind Energy Project in Nevada. Each of these developments will require the employment of thousands of workers.

With the need for skilled employees continuing to grow, energy industry companies are doing all they can to recruit, hire and train a new era of skilled employees to successfully get the jobs done right. The addition of these new large-scale projects, with even more on the horizon, is extremely promising for job seekers everywhere. FootBridge Energy specializes in energy staffing services to help job seekers and employers alike find the perfect match for their unique needs. If you are ready to take advantage of these great opportunities within the energy sector, contact FootBridge Energy today!